During Inktober I decided to come up with a series of illustrations with the theme: Inventors.
Everyday I tried to post different inventors, men and women. Slide the pictures to see all these remarkable people.


1: ADA LOVELACE. Inventor of the analythical engine, the first computer programmer. She was one of the few women working with mathematics.

2: GEORGE FERRIS. He was an American engineer who wanted to build something as big as the eiffeltower, so, he invented the Ferris wheel.

3: FERDINAND VON ZEPPELIN, a german aircraft manufacturer. He also was the inventor of the zeppelin. He had a moustache so big – he could almost fly with it!

4: JAMES PLIMPTON, inventor of the roller skates in 1863.

5: RUTH GRAVES WAKEFIELD. We all know the chocolate chip cookies. Ruth was an American chef who invented this lovely sweet snack. She just chopped bits of nestle chocolate and transformed this in the chocolate chip cookie.

6: MARGARETH KNIGHT. Margareth was the inventor of the paperbag. As a kid she worked in a cottonfactory. They call her the most famous female inventor of the 19th century. Next time you buy your groceries think about this lady!

7: SAMUEL MORSE. This man was the inventor of the Morse code. He was not only an inventor – also an artist – he made paintings and portraits.

8: JOSEPHINE COCHRANE. Josephine was the inventor of the first succesful dishwasher. She made the machine together with mechanic George butters. Nowadays we almost can’t imagine a kitchen without a dishwasher.

9: ALEKSEJ PAZJITNOV. Aleksej is a russian software developer and designed the game tetris – famous all over the wide world!

10: RUTH HANDLER. Ruth was an American businesswoman and inventor. Everyone knows her invention: the Barbie Doll!

11: LEVI STRAUSS. This is the one and only Inventor of the jeans. Everyone knows the levi jeans right? This day I tried another style. Look at his perfectly rounded beard.