Het Databeessie

At Ambassadors I had the possibility to work for ASN Bank & Selmore. ASN Bank wanted to create a bunch of 2D animations for Social Media and on screens at Train Stations. I was so happy to work together with our amazing team at Ambassadors for this project. The main character was ”Databeessie”. He’s clumsy, nerdy and loves to be involved in numbers and maths all the time. Before we made storyboards – we had to create as much characters as possible. After choosing characters together with the client, we started storyboarding and building visuals.

Big Big credits to all these heroes:

Brand  ASN bank
Agency Selmore
Agency producer kitty slagter
Creatives diederick hillenius, hannah mulder,
sam de greef

Creative director vincent lammers
Producer bo kops, marissa zandvliet
Sound designer rens pluym
Composer sebastiaan roestenburg
Lead designer maureen van der hout
Design iris van den akker
2d animation danny merk & iris van den akker