This year I joined FolktaleWeek. This lovely Instagram challenge was made up by different inspirational illustrators & Artists. Then, for seven days starting November 12th, I followed the prompts and created different illustrations for Folktaleweek.


”This challenge was created to encourage artists from all around the world to share stories and explore character creation and visual storytelling. We want to see your bewitching characters and dreamy scenes!”


Many incredible artists came together to make this challenge possible.


Folktale 1: The Deer: “oh deer – i hope he won’t see me!” Whispered the deer, who was hiding in the big forest to escape from the mighty big bear. Luckily she had enough camouflage on her head to be invisible for the monster – but those birds.. “they are so annoying!”

Folktale 2: The dragon who protected the last waterfall. After years water became as rare as gold in this world – a waterfall was a treasure.

Folktale 3: Every night – by the campfire – daddy bird told his little kiddo bedtime stories about hares, deers, bugs and other creatures living in their forest and how they all could live in harmony together – except for the snake.

Folktale 4: My version of thumbelina; dancing on the back of a beautiful white swan.